University Library

As an academic institution, the AAB University, apart from other necessary premises, has also provided students with conditions for independent studying at the University Library premises. It also allows them to find the necessary literature and textbooks necessary for their
study programs.
The services provided by this unit are as follows:
- sufficient space for students to learn independently;
-  provision of necessary scientific literature in harmony with the study programs;
-  provision of various scientific and academic publications to meet the needs of the study program;
-  other literature outside of the study program, and electronic materials to meet the requirements of the education process, etc.
AAB University students can access various literature at the University Library in two ways:
1. Physical library, and
2. Electronic Library    

The Mission of the AAB University Library.- 

is to provide services and materials that meet the needs of the students, professors and other AAB staff and of all the other users, regardless of race, colour, gender, religion, national or ethnic background.